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JUUL Alternatives (That Don’t Suck)

Juul Alternative: it’s the e-cigarette that everyone is talking about, but why do a lot of vapers dislike them. JUULs are everywhere these days and represent a 75 percent of the dollar market share in the four-week period ended Oct. 6, 2018. Pod-based JUUL e-cigarettes aren’t like larger box mod devices. They are small and discrete and slip easily in your pocket. They’re classy too, and with no buttons, they’re so easy to use that even your grandma – who struggles to operate a smartphone – could use one easily.

Best Juul Alternative products 

  1. SMOK Novo 2
  2. SMOK Infinix
  3. Mi-Pod
  4. Suorin Drop
  5. SMOK Novo
  6. UWELL Caliburn
  7. JoyeTech Exceed Grip
  8. Vaporesso Renova Zero
  9. Suorin Air Plus



The JUUL pods don’t make big clouds of vapor and they use nic salts, which gives a nice smooth vape experience, similar to smoking a tobacco cigarette. People also like the fact that you can buy pods in places like gas stations and general stores, rather than just in vape shops.

But there are some big issues with JUUL devices as well, the price of JUUL Pods to start with. So let’s see what the main issues are and if there any alternatives to JUUL pods.

Non-refillable pods

Our main issue is with the pods. JUUL pods are made exclusively by the manufacturer, so you are stuck with their flavors. Additionally, the pods only contain 0.7 ml of e-liquid and they are non-refillable, so you can get through them very quickly. There is a way of ‘hacking’ the pods open, but it isn’t easy to do and the hacked pods are prone to leaking. Oh, and they aren’t cheap either.

Lacking power

JUUL devices aren’t particularly powerful either. They run at between 3.6 and 4.2V based on the charge level with a wattage output of (we think) between 6.5 and 9 Watts. A JUUL also only has a 200mAh battery that quickly fades with consistent use. Some people can get over these problems quite easily, but we believe that there are some much better alternatives out there that you should at least consider before you buy a JUUL.

How We Rate The JUUL Starter Kit

Before we get started with our best JUUL alternative devices here’s how we score the JUUL in our quick look format.

JUUL Starter Kit

CLOUDS: ☁️☁️ / 5
TASTE: ? / 5

Below is our ultimate guide to the best JUUL alternative products. They’re cheaper, more powerful, have better battery life and provide a better vaping experience. Vapes similar to JUUL but better!

1) SMOK Novo 2

CLOUDS: ☁️☁️☁️☁️ / 5
CAPACITY: ??? / 5
TASTE: ???? / 5
BATTERY LIFE: ???? / 5

It might not look exactly like a JUUL but the SMOK Novo 2 outperforms it in every aspect. A reboot of one of the most popular products of 2019 the Novo is back and better in almost every way. Novo 2 is shorter than the JUUL but a wider and heavier. It’s still super stealthy like a JUUL so don’t let that put you off, plus there’s a few very good reason why it’s a JUUL killer.

Novo 2 has an 800mAh battery compared to the JUUL, that’s 4 times more capacity! Wattage range is much wider too. JUUL is a weak 6.5W to 9W where the Novo 2 can fire all the way from 6-25W. All this means that the Novo 2 is perfectly optimized to give you a better and longer vaping experience.

When you draw on the Novo 2 a bright LED light shines to let you know how much charge the battery has. Instead of just flashing when power is low, you’ll now know how much charge your vape has with every puff.

The best bit about moving away from a JUUL is that you’re not stuck with their limited flavor options. With the Novo 2 you can buy pre-filled Novo pods, plus you can easily refill them when vape juice levels run low.

You can choose from the original replacement Novo Pods as well as 3 new SMOK Novo 2 pods. All Novo pods have a 2mL capacity which is much better than the tiny 0.7mL you get with JUUL pods.

So the battery lasts longer, it has a bigger vape juice capacity and you get to choose from a wide range of flavors. So grab some 50mg salt nic juice (which is what JUUL pods use) and a SMOK Novo 2 today, we’re confident you’ll love it as much as we do. Once you’ve got yourself a SMOK Novo 2 don’t forget to come back and let us know just how much you love it compared to the JUUL.

  • Not sure which juice to choose? Read our guide to the best salt nic juice flavors.


✅ 4 times the battery capacity
✅ Super stealthy
✅ Easy to use
✅ Nearly 3 times the juice capacity
✅ Battery level indicator light
✅ Instantly switch flavors with different pods
✅ Loads of awesome nic salt flavors available
✅ Pre-filled pods available
✅ Draw activated


❌ Difficult to see juice levels
❌ Refilling slot quite small


2) SMOK Infinix

SMOK Infinix Small Vape Pod System
best juul alternative
CLOUDS: ☁️☁️ / 5
CAPACITY: ??? / 5
TASTE: ?? / 5

Lean and slim, SMOK’s Infinix pod system weighs just 2 grams, but it is more powerful than it looks. The Infinix looks and feels just like a JUUL, but again, it has a bigger battery and larger pods. The draw is tight and similar to that of a cigarette, making this a great choice for anyone that’s just thinking about ditching tobacco. But the best thing about the Infinix is how cost-effective it is. The starter kit, which includes two Fit pods, is significantly cheaper than a JUUL!


✅ Looks like a JUUL, works better than a JUUL
✅ Super light and stealthy
✅ Easy to use
✅ Good battery life
✅ Instantly switch flavors with different pods
✅ Loads of awesome nic salt flavors available


❌ Not the biggest battery life on this list
❌ Not the biggest vape juice capacity
❌ Refilling can be a bit of a fiddle
❌ Pods are a bit leaky compared with new Novo 2 pods


3) Mi-Pod

JUUL Alternatives - Smoking Vapor Mi-Pod
CLOUDS: ☁️☁️☁️ / 5
CAPACITY: ??? / 5
TASTE: ??? / 5
BATTERY LIFE: ???? / 5

This is another tiny pod vape. But it has the power and vape production to rival much larger box mod devices. Small enough to hang around on a lanyard, most vapers are shocked to discover that the Mi Pod has a 950mAh internal high drain battery. It also has the best airflow that we have seen on a pod system, giving users the ability to hit mouth to lung vapes and big airy direct to lung vapes as well. The 2ml Mi-Pod cartridges are refillable and, apart from everything else, the pod looks incredible with some really great colorways available.


✅ Super tiny & stealthy
✅ Unique looks
✅ Leak free pods
✅ Good battery life
✅ Refilling is easy


❌ Vape can get quite warm
❌ Look & feel not to everyone’s taste


4) Suorin Drop

Suorin Drop - Best JUUL Alternative
CLOUDS: ☁️☁️ / 5
CAPACITY: ??? / 5
TASTE: ?? / 5

A super stylish device that won’t leave you high and dry, the Drop from Suorin is one of the most popular pod mods with great reviews. The pod mods unique curves finish with a nice tight mouthpiece on top with a draw that mimics tobacco cigarettes perfectly. And with a 300mAh internal battery and 2ml of refillable e-liquid capacity, it beats the JUUL without even trying. Again, the pods are refillable and you can access hundreds of nicotine salt flavors. And the pod’s dual wicking system means you’ll always get juicy flavor-rich hits.


✅ The ultimate stealth vape
✅ Looks and feels great
✅ Super easy to use
✅ Perfect for smokers to looking to transition to vaping


❌ Battery life is one of the smallest on the list


5) SMOK Novo

SMOK Novo in Green - Best Salt Nic Device 2019
CLOUDS: ☁️☁️☁️ / 5
CAPACITY: ??? / 5
TASTE: ???? / 5

SMOK Novo pod vape doesn’t look like the JUUL, but again it outclasses its slimmed-down rival. Sleek and discrete, the smooth edges of the Novo is designed to slip easily in your pocket, even when you aren’t looking. It has a bigger battery than the JUUL and the Phix Vape with 450mAh of internal power, but one of the best things about this pod mod system is that the SMOK Novo 2ml refillable pods are excellent value for money.

The draw is nice and tight and it doesn’t crackle like the JUUL when you inhale.

If you really want to know how good this is, visit our SMOK Novo product page and have a read of the reviews. Our customers absolutely love it and most importantly those who previously had a JUUL like it even more.

We could have simply switched the Novo for the new and improved SMOK Novo 2 vape as a JUUL alternative but you’re here to save money and the SMOK Novo is slightly cheaper than the Novo 2. They’re both great but the Novo 2 is the superior long-term option.

UPDATE: Now you can buy SMOK Novo Pre-filled Pods! So you can have the ultimate JUUL-like experience but cheaper. Even better news is that the pre-filled pods can be refilled so you can reuse them.


✅ Perfect JUUL Killer
✅ Ex JUULers love it
✅ Draw activated so won’t fire accidentally
✅ Perfect for smokers looking to transition to vaping
✅ Small but punches well above its size
✅ Super efficient on battery and vape juice


❌ No vape juice window


6) UWELL Caliburn

CLOUDS: ☁️☁️☁️☁️ / 5
CAPACITY: ??? / 5
TASTE: ????? / 5

This is the best-tasting, most flavorful pod vape in this list, period. We’re talking game-changing levels of flavor for a pod vape. This is the first UWELL pod system and they’ve totally nailed it. In the Caliburn UWELL have introduced the PRO-FOCS flavor technology, which kicks ass. If you read reviews online you’ll see how much vapers love the immense flavor the Caliburn produces.

Parallel vape coils vaporize the vape juice fully, giving you bigger clouds, super smooth throat hit and fantastic flavor.

The draw on the Caliburn is one that divides vapers. It’s quite a lose MTL draw, like that of the SMOK Nord when using the MLT Nord Coils.

Where the UWELL Caliburn pod vape really stands out from the crowd is the pod life. The refillable Caliburn pods can last weeks without any loss of flavor. Some vapers are even reporting 60 refills and still going strong! Pod life like this is unheard of. Vape juice capacity isn’t the largest on this list but if you want amazing flavor you shouldn’t let that put you off.

It’s a simple vape pen style design, taller (but slimmer) than the SMOK Nord, smaller than the SMOK Infinix but slightly larger than the JUUL. While slightly larger than some of the pod systems on this list its still smaller than most vape pens. Given the size and the large super flavorsome clouds the Caliburn produces we can’t call it a stealthy vape.

While the Caliburn can be fired using the firing button it’s also draw activated. We find the draw activation super fast which in our opinion negates the need of a firing button. In fact lots of vapers have complained about the overly sensitive firing button going off in their pockets or bag so that’s worth considering as a potential con if you don’t fancy turning it off (5 fast clicks).

Refilling the pod is relatively easy but the first removal of the pod cap can be little tricky. However once you’ve managed to refill it’s a lot easier to refill next time round. And as mentioned you’ll be refilling the pod a lot before you need to replace it.

Such is the flavor production on the Caliburn some places even recommend using vape juice instead of salt nic, 

One of the very few cons on the list would be battery life. After a full charge, some vapers might find it needs a recharge before the end of the day. However, it charges pretty fast, about 45 mins to full charge.


✅ Flavor, flavor, and more flavor
✅ Long-lasting pods & coils
✅ Super easy to use
✅ Vapers & ex-JUULers love it
✅ Perfect for beginner vapers
✅ Easy to see vape juice levels


❌ Battery life not the greatest


7) JoyeTech Exceed Grip Pod System

JoyeTech Exceed Grip Pod System - Best JUUL Alternative
CLOUDS: ☁️☁️☁️☁️ / 5
CAPACITY: ????? / 5
TASTE: ??? / 5
BATTERY LIFE: ???? / 5

We might just have left the best two JUUL alternatives til last (apart from the SMOK Novo 2 which we think is the best pod system for JUULers to transition to first to understand the potential of alternative products). The JoyeTech Exceed Grip pod system is unlike any other pod vape on this list and even the industry. JoyeTech was one of the last of the big brands to release a pod vape and when we got the Exceed Grip we could understand why. There’s been a huge amount of thought put into this vape. Not only is the design completely unique among pod systems, how it operates is different as well.

The Exceed Grip is one of the chunkier pod systems on this list but it’s still small. Grip but name and grip by nature – it fits in your hand with the fire button easy to press however you hold it. The battery is a healthy 1000mAh, one of the biggest battery capacities on this list.

The major innovation comes in the Exceed Grip Pods. In the kit you get two pods/cartridges, one with a massive 4.5mL vape juice capacity. With this pod, the coils are replaceable, with two coils supplied in the kit. The other pod is designed for nicotine salts, has a 3.5mL capacity, and the coils aren’t replaceable.

So when a nic salt pod stops producing flavor you’ll need to pick up a new one. Luckily the replaceable Exceed Grip Cartridge (or pod) comes in packs of 5, at the time of writing for $13.99. As the pods switch out so easily this means that you could have 5 different nic salt flavors on the go!

The JoyeTech Exceed Grip will exceed your expectations. With its awesome battery life, large juice capacity and ability to instantly switch pods/flavors/type of juice, this is the most versatile JUUL alternative on our list.


✅ Vape regular juice or nic salts
✅ Vape DTL or MTL
✅ Super easy to change coils & pods
✅ Big clouds
✅ Great flavor production
✅ Super small
✅ Great battery life
✅ Easy to switch flavors (multiple pods)
✅ Super easy to see juice levels
✅ Doesn’t leak
✅ Revolutionary design


❌ Fill slot is a bit fiddly to use


8) Vaporesso Renova Zero Pod System

CLOUDS: ☁️☁️☁️ / 5
CAPACITY: ??? / 5
TASTE: ??? / 5

Created to set a new bar in pod systems the Vaporesso Renova Zero has done exactly that. The first thing you’ll notice is how small and lightweight it is. You can conceal it in the palm of your hand. Once you’ve got over how nice it is to hold you’ll need to fill it with vape juice.

That’s well you meet the major innovation of the Renova Zero, it’s PTF (Push-To-Fill) filling slot. Using the provided 10mL vape juice filling bottle you push downwards on the PTF slot to fill it.

Thanks to the clear pod casing you can see into the pod to monitor how much has gone in. Once full simply stop pushing down and the fill slot will push back into place closed. A completely unique filling system for a pod system, it ensures leakproof operation.

The refillable pods pull out effortlessly and are locked back into place with magnets. Once your vape juice has had 10 to 15 minutes to wick into the pod your ready to go. A quick 5 clicks on the recessed power button and the indicator light will flash green to let you know it’s powered on. Now you just need to draw for it to fire, couldn’t be simpler to use.

There are three modes to choose from, low, medium and high. Pressing 3 times will change the mode and when you press the button the light will display the mode the Renova Zero is currently in.

At the time of writing it’s under $20 dollars, so it’s cheap. Also the replacement refillable Renova Zero pods come in a pack of 2 for only $6.99. So if you want the next generation of pod vapes, buy the Renova Zero today.


✅ No firing accidents
✅ Super easy to use
✅ Awesome flavor reproduction
✅ Designed for smokers looking for vaping alternatives
✅ Feels great to hold
✅ Super small and stealthy
✅ Push To Fill (PTF) system works well and doesn’t leak
✅ Charges fast


❌ Pods can detach (magnets could be stronger)
❌ Hard to see when refilling (PTF needs quite a bit of pressure)


9) Suorin Air Plus

Suorin Air Plus - Ultimate JUUL Alternative
CLOUDS: ☁️☁️ / 5
CAPACITY: ???? / 5
TASTE: ??? / 5
BATTERY LIFE: ???? / 5

The Suorin Air V2 had been one of the best JUUL alternatives for a long time. As time has passed by better alternatives, that you can see above, have appeared. Sourin knew they had a winning product and they didn’t need to reinvent the wheel. So what they did was super clever. They just gave the Air V2 a massive upgrade, introducing the awesome Suorin Air Plus.

If you’ve used a JUUL then the Suorin Air Plus will blow your mind. JUUL has a tiny 200 mAh battery. That’s why it’s so small and why you need to charge it so often. Suorin Air Plus has a super impressive 930 mAh battery which should be enough charge to see you through the day without looking for a charge.

One of the reasons your reading this is that the JUUL pods are just so expensive, contain a tiny about of nic salts (0.7mL) and let’s be honest the flavors aren’t all that either.

Suorin Air Plus at 3.5mL has one of the largest vape juice capacities on this list. That’s 5 times the capacity of the JUUL! The kit comes supplied with two pods, one with a 0.7 Ohm coil for regular vape juice and the other has a 1.0 Ohm coil for vaping nic salts.

Most ex-JUULers will be wanting to vape a 50mg nic salt (like the JUUL) so we recommend picking up and extra Suorin Air Plus Replacement pod in our online vape shop.

You might even treat yourself to few pods a fill them with a few different flavors so that you can switch them whenever it takes your mood. We’ve got lots of yummy vape juice flavors for you to choose from, so much we’ve created a list of best nic salts to help you decide.

Not many devices match the JUUL in terms of simple sleek design. We’re happy to say the Suorin Air Plus very much competes in that regard. Its looks just like a modern smartphone but it’s significantly lighter. So it looks great, it works great and simply had to make our list as a JUUL alternative.


✅ Draw activated
✅ Amazing battery life
✅ Charges fast
✅ Good for stealthy vaping (with nic salts)
✅ Awesome vape juice capacity
✅ Feels great to hold
✅ Nice feel in the pocket


❌ Not the smallest pod system
❌ Have to replace the whole pod (not just the coil)


Don’t Support Big Tobacco – Avoid JUUL

Big Tobacco in the form of Altria (formerly Phillip Morris Companies) has a 35% stake in JUUL labs worth $12.8 billion. Big Tobacco has a dark history and many vapers and ex-smokers don’t want them to have another cent of their money. Smokers and Government departments have been filing lawsuits against Big Tobacco for over 50 years. Luckily there are a significant number of alternatives to Big Tobacco.

Let’s take a look at the biggest and best alternatives brands to JUUL.

Best JUUL Alternative Brands

The popularity of vaping as an alternative to smoking has increased over the last 5 years. As the popularity has increased so has the quality and quantity of products available. So you’ll tried a JUUL, like it, but want a cheaper alternative? Find out more about the vape brands with JUUL alternatives listed above.


SMOK is the biggest and most popular vape brands in the industry. Founded in 2010 it’s also one of the oldest and well-established brands. During this time SMOK has driven the industry forward by consistently releasing new innovative products. And when it comes to pod vapes SMOK have some of the most popular products in the sector.


Suorin is the master of pod vapes. Products like the Suorin Drop and Suorin Air have established new standards in the performance and portability of pod systems. By focusing on creating simple and easy to use products Suorin have quickly established themselves are one of the best alternatives to JUUL. Instead of continually releasing new products,  Suorin continually develop and improve existing products. The V2 was a significant improvement to the already popular Suorin Air. Now they have announced a new version, Suorin Air Plus. With increased battery life and larger vape juice capacity in only a slight increase in size, you get improved device with a familiar sexy shape.

Smoking Vapor

When it comes to quality over quantity you can’t go wrong with Smoking Vapor. The Mi-Pod is a perfect example of this. Some vapers experienced some leakage issues when it was first released. Smoking Vapor quickly fixed this and offered replacement Mi-pod cartridges for those who had bought the original. With customer support like that you know you’re in good hands with Smoking Vapor.


JoyeTech is one of the oldest vape brands, having been established in 2007 when vaping was in its infancy. After significant success in releasing industry changing kits, vape tanks and coils JoyTech quickly joined the pod system revolution. The new and super innovative JoyeTech Exceed Grip Kit, they have firmly established themselves as a perfect alternative to JUUL. A real JUUL killer. Here at vaping.com we absolutely fell in love with the Exceed Grip kit the moment it arrived.


Founded in 2006 Vaporesso is the oldest brand on this list, much older than JUUL which was founded (as Pax Labs) in 2015. Vaporesso has been creating excellent vape products for over 12 years, so you know you’re getting a device that’s been manufactured to the highest standard. When it comes to pod systems Vaporesso created a whole new brand (Renova), who are dedicated to perfecting the pod vape for smokers looking at alternatives.

And with the Renova Zero some say they’ve done it with their first attempt! All you need to do is read the reviews on our site to see just how much our customers love it. That’s why we simply had to add the Renova Zero to our list of JUUL alternatives.

Are pod vapes right for you?

If you’ve already used/owned a JUUL then yes. You’re no doubt already used to a pod system and just looking for a cheaper alternative. Finding a cheap JUUL alternative isn’t hard (they’re very expensive) but finding a good one can be difficult. That’s why we created this helpful guide, to help you get the best one for your own personal requirements.

If you’re looking for an alternative to smoking, most certainly yes. Pod systems are the perfect gateway into vaping. The restricted (MTL) draw is very similar to smoking a cigarette. Pod systems are designed to vape smooth but strong nicotine salts, so you can be sure you’re going to get the nicotine hit to satisfy your cravings.

Benefits of pod vapes

✅ Vaping high strength salt nic MTL vaping (just like smoking a cigarette)
✅ Super portable – always to hand in either your pocket or purse (much smaller than a packet of cigarettes)
✅ Smallest vape kits on the market
✅ Change flavors instantly (with additional pods)
✅ Perfect for stealthy vaping
✅ Efficient vaping – low juice consumption & super easy to use

Negatives of pod vapes

❌ Battery life can be small (the bigger the mAh, the better the battery life)
❌ Lower vapor production compared to vape kits & pens

What vape juice is best to use for refillable pods?

We recommend nicotine salts but you can also use standard 50/50 PG/VG rated vape juice. If you’re looking to give up smoking we recommend choosing a higher strength nic salt initially (50mg like a JUUL), you can slowly reduce the nicotine levels once you are smoke-free. Read our guide on the best nicotine salts currently available.

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